Military Spouse: Honest Feelings

It’s another world that has it’s ups and and downs when your spouse is in the military and children to these families can relate to many of them. The process itself just to transition to this life is overwhelming enough like getting your DOD ID and figuring out where your moving to. And then there’s… Continue reading Military Spouse: Honest Feelings

motherhood emerging

Originally posted on tea&bannock:
This past year has been the most challenging yet rewarding of my life. Being pregnant for most of the year, I was really focused on living my healthiest life for my growing baby while working my butt off to save and to have enough hours for maternity leave. As…

Go Love Yourself.

Valentine’s Day… The day of love. For some, we dread this holiday. For others, it’s an exciting day to receive chocolates, bouquets, and other stuff that we don’t need to go into detail about. As a married woman, you’d think I’d be a little excited for a day to devote to my hubby and vice… Continue reading Go Love Yourself.